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#Hiring #Cabin #Crew 

#Walk-in interviews

#Both male and female 



#Time-10Am To 02 Pm

#Venue:-Hotel Patiputra continental,PC Golambar, Anisabad, Patna

#Please come dressed in western formals carrying a copy of your resume and photograph.

#Dress code is as follows:
#Females: Knee-length skirt/dress with short or long sleeve shirt or blouse or business suit

#Males: Formal trousers with long sleeved shirt and tie or business suit

#In case you are unable to attend the walk-in interview, you may send your application to us at the following email ID along with a full-length photo to

” cabincareers@airvistara.com”

#If you are an experienced crew or a CCIC, you do not need to attend the walk-in interviews. Instead please send us your resume along with a photo in business suit to:
experiencedcabincrew@airvistara.com (for experienced crew) or CCIC@airvistara.com (for CCICs). Shortlisted candidates will be invited for in-person interviews in Gurgaon

#Eligibility criteria:
1. Indian Nationals with Valid Passport, PAN Card and Aadhaar Card
2. Minimum Height: 155 cm for female and 173 cm for male
3. Minimum Education: 10 + 2 (Class 12th)
4. Language skills: Fluent in English and Hindi
5. BMI range: 18 – 22 for females and 18 – 25 for males
6. No tattoos to be visible when uniform is worn

#Additional criteria:
1. Minimum age: 18 years | Maximum age: 32 years

#Experienced Cabin Crew:
1. Minimum experience of 1 year as crew with any domestic or international airline
2. Valid SEP License
3. Minimum age: 20 years | Maximum age: 34 years

#Cabin Crew In-Charge:
1. Minimum experience of 4 years as crew with any domestic or international airline
2. Valid SEP license
3. Should have completed a total of 3500 hrs. of flying.

#All the best

Best Regards,

GoalsMate Academy

Noida-201301, Delhi-NCR, India

Contact us on 0120-454 7979/ +91 9870576783/84

hr@test.googletrust.in/ https://test.googletrust.in

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