The Aim of GoalsMate Academy is to provide an “Amazing Transformation Training” and learning environment in which all students are challenged to develop their intellectual, practical and social skills in holistic way, focusing on leadership, socially responsible behavior and lifelong learning. To contribute towards the establishment of a globally recognized training programs which would develop and resource tailor made professional for the service industry, while setting new quality standards & enhancing our contribution to the manpower needs of the Industry.



Dear Students!

Thanks you for interest in GoalsMate Academy. GoalsMate Academy has a distinctive approach of professional education and we would encourage you to carefully analyze us before deciding if we are the right Aviation management college for you.

Today young people are very interested in being trained as aviation tourism and hospitality industry experts. The faculty staff and I recognize your desire to recognize your desire to receive a prestigious education with a view to working in a challenging profession, to have a worthily role to pay in society, to develop your career and to learn, understand and experience a variety of interesting facts and viewpoints about countries all over the world.

Pradeep Singh, Founder & CEO

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